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I am originally from Slovenia,Europe where I co-founded and managed GUD Sibi, an award wining theatre company. It was there that I directed my first multi media performance vPETa, which sealed my fate and transformed me into a full time artist. I never looked back, surrendering myself to devising in both theatre and film world.

I moved to California in 2005. During my time in os Angeles I was also an active member of LA theatre comunity. I was a member of Moving Arts Theater, I serving as Ovation Voter and a member of Theatre Producer's League Of Los Angeles (TPL-LA) . I moved to Bejing in July 2016 .

While not completely submerged in theatre, I moonlight as a producer/Head Dreamer at a film production company Vindicated Dream and event producer/designer.

Recent Employment:

CAMPAIGN CONSULTANT (WildAID China) 2015 - present

PRODUCTION MANAGER (Odyssey Theatre) 2014 - 2015 MANAGING AND PRODUCING DIRECTOR (TheatreFactory Studio) 2013 - 2014


'Out There Right Here' (Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, 2013)

'Fathers At A Game' (Moving Arts / Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2013) - BEST OF FRINGE 2013; Best of 2012-2013 SCENIES for MEMORABLE DIRECTION OF A DRAMA

'SHE' ( Moving Arts / SCRamble, 2013)

Theatre In The Dark, 'Warriors' (Odyssey Theatre, 2012) LA WEEKLY NOMINATION FOR BEST ONE-ACT DIRECTION

"The MosaicWondeland Project '(Moving Arts, 2012)

'Warriors' (Short, VD 2012)

'Warriors'/Car Plays (Off Center Festival, 2012)

'Cintra My Gift To Me' (Celebration Theatre & Playwrights6, 2011) - Best of 2011-2012 SCENIES for OUTSTANDING DIRECTION OF A COMEDY-DRAMA

'TTO' (WAGV,2011)

'TTO' (LAWTP, 2011)

'Warriors'/Car Plays (RadarLA, 2011)

'Blank' (MA 16THOAF , 2011)

'A Glass of Karma' (SMC, 2010)

'She Creatures' (MA, 2010)

'The Successor' (MA, 2010)

'Singular Of Dice' (MA OAF 15TH, 2009)

'The Most Massive Woman Wins' (SMC, 2008)

'2Dance' (stop motion animation, 2008 )


‘The Madwoman Of Chaillot’ Indigogo Campaign ‘(TheatreFactory Studio, 2014)

‘Creative Actor’ (TheatreFactory Studio, 2014) ‘Explore.Dream.Discover’ ( Fundraising Event Moving Arts, 2014)

'Phantoms Go Down' (Bootleg Theater, 2012);

'Ligature', 16THOAF( Moving Arts, 2011);

'The Mystery of Irma Vep' (Deconstruction Productions& Celebration Theatre; 2010),

'ASAP Fables'(MA, 2010); 15THOAF (MA, 2009); 'Knucklehead' (VD, 2010); 'Sashwood'(VD, 2009);

'Horror Tres' (VD, 2010);

PRODUCTION MANAGER/COORDINATOR - Vindicated Dream 2010 -present ‘The Dog and the Duck’ (Postproduction Fundraiser) Event Producer ‘The Dog and the Duck’ (Wall Space Gallery Fundraiser ) Event Producer ‘Warriors’ (Short Film) Producer, Director ‘The Dog and The Dog' Event Producer ‘Five Finger Death Punch’ Producer of Viral Commercial Campaign ‘Sashwood’(Reality TV Pilot) Production Manager

FILM PRODUCER/ PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT 2010 -present ‘Screamers’ Production Manager Jittery Monkeys ‘Jittery Cupid’ Production Manager Jittery Monkeys ‘What Is Momo?’ Production Manager Jittery Monkeys ‘The Many Lives Of Jovan Cornejo’ Production Coordinator Fighting Fox Films ‘Summer Camp’ Associate Producer Too Much Coffee Films


'Theatre In The Dark - DARK & MORE DARK (Odyssey Theatre, 2012)

'Jawbone Of An Ass' (Edinburgh Fringe, 2011);

'Drive' (Playwright6&Open Fist, 2011);

'Doomsayer'(MA OAF 15TH, 2009);

'Butterfly Wings' (SMC, 2008);


Car Plays(Off Center Festival, 2012);

Car Plays (RadarLA, 2011);

Car Plays (MA 2009);

15th OAF(2009);

10 Years (Playwrights6, 2009).


'TopDog/UnderDog'(Lillian, 2010);

'The Prodigal Father '(Celebration Theatre,2009).

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